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Kars4Kids Car Donation

Donate a Car  

Thank you for considering Joy for our Youth for your car donation.
JOY for Our Youth Inc. accepts cars, vans, or trucks.

JOY for Our Youth is an organization dedicated to addressing the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of disadvantaged Jewish children and their families.

It distributes donated items through its own network and through other charitable organizations throughout the world. In addition, it pays for children’s private school tuition, tutoring, summer camp, family mentoring and other support services. Joy’s goal is to give each child the optimum opportunity to grow into a wholesome, educated and productive member of society.

You can donate your car through our program Kars4kids - where you'll have your car towed within 24-72 hours.

Kars4kids make the entire car donation process easy and fast. Donate your car and you'll get a voucher for a 3 day 2 night hotel stay!

Children are the hope for the future of the world, yet they are its most vulnerable asset. Changing a child's life for the better is at the heart of Kars4kids agenda.

The proceeds from your donated car to Kars for kids will go on and on helping children get a good start in life. Through J.O.Y.'s educational and social services, they grow up to become true assets to their families and communities.

Kars for Kids program accepts both functioning and not-quite functioning cars. What does Kars4kids do with the cars? Some of them are resold, some are sold for parts, and all bring in revenues to Kars4kids that are used to pay for food, clothing, education, summer programs and guidance for children from the ages of six to eighteen.

Call: 1-877Kars4kids

Or visit us at:

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